During the holidays, the average person gains about 7lbs.. 😳 it’s tempting to throw out your goals but instead of starting all over at the new year let’s join together now to follow a couple small actionable goals each week to help stay on track! 


Week 1

✅ Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. 

Beverages like soda, sweet tea, fruit juice, sports drinks are other high in sugar and calories but low in essential nutrients  Trading these drinks for water throughout the day is a great way to cut back and improve your overall health. Sparkling or flavored water along with plain coffee or tea are great options if plain water isn’t your favorite beverage.

✅ Move your body 4 days a week 

Staying active in some way will give you energy, help reduce stress, promote better sleep and, of course, help mitigate some of the extra calories you may be eating during the holidays. Try to plan your workout schedule beforehand. Even if you have to change it. The most important thing is to be realistic and go easy on yourself. Even if it’s an at home workout or evening walk with the family, get out there 4 days a week (that’s nearly every other day) and move that body!

✅ Eat at least 3 salads a week

 Fresh salads provide many important nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins A and C, potassium, and an array of phytonutrients which are natural plant compounds that can help prevent and fight disease. Salads are also packed full of fiber that you body needs just be sure you are conscious of what you put on your salads. Salads that are made with numerous high-calorie ingredients like cheese, lots of nuts and seeds, tortilla chips, avocado, and creamy dressings can send the calories of the salad soaring to 800 or more so just be mindful. 

✅ Limit processed foods

Highly processed foods can include:

  • sugary drinks
  • chocolate & candies
  • ice cream & frozen desserts
  • fast foods
  • frozen entrées ( pasta dishes /pizzas)
  • bakery products (muffins, breads, cakes)
  • processed meat (sausages / deli meats)

How to limit highly processed foods

If you eat highly processed foods, try to:

  • eat them less often
  • eat them in small amounts
  • replace them with healthier options

You should:

  • replace sugary drinks with water
  • Don’t keep processed foods at home
  • Pick healthy options when eating out
  • choose less processed foods, such as:
    • leftover baked chicken instead of deli meats
    • steel-cut oats instead of pre packaged sweetened instant oats
  • make homemade versions of your favourite highly processed foods:
    • try a healthy muffin recipe to replace store-bought muffins
    • make your own frozen dinners by choosing a healthy recipe and freezing it in meal-sized portions
  • stock your kitchen with healthy snacks. Try quick and easy options like:
    • Nuts
    • fruit
    • carrots
    • hard-boiled eggs
  • shopping to make informed choices

Week 2 tips will be posted next week! 

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