Carbohydrates are a type of sugar that the body burns for fuel during activity. But there are certain vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that you can eat to have the energy you need to train your hardest. Here, five to incorporate into your diet.

B12 The water-soluble vitamin is necessary for aiding red blood cell formation; a deficiency can lead to fatigue and mood problems. You’ll find this in animal products, such as red meat.

Iron This nutrient helps oxygen reach muscles. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, so try spinach with a squeeze of lemon.

Zinc Signs of a lack of the mineral include tiredness, weakness, and a poor ability to recover after exercise. Stock up on poultry or oysters to be sure that you’re getting enough.

Magnesium Not only is the electrolyte required for proper muscle function, but it also helps regulate blood pressure and keep energy levels high. Avocado gives the body with magnesium and heart-healthy fats.

Omega-3s To optimize mitochondrial function, choose anti-inflammatory foods, particularly ones rich in omega-3s like salmon and grass-fed beef.

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