1. There’s only one ideal time of day to work out.
It’s not when you hit the gym that matters — what really matters is how consistent you are. The best time to workout is the time it fits best into your schedule.

2. The longer your gym session, the fitter you are.
You don’t have to clock in hours at the gym to be lean, strong, and fit. You can get results from a shorter workout, as long as it’s intense and takes your muscles to exhaustion.

3. Muscle turns into fat, and fat turns into muscle.
Not true. Muscle and fat are two separate tissues in your body. They don’t magically turn into each other, just like you can’t turn that donut into a salad.
Muscle fibers simply get smaller if they are not used, and fat gets burned away as energy when you work out. Muscle is created by eating the right foods after a hard workout.

4. Artificial sweeteners are better than regular sugar.
You might think that diet soda is good for your waistline because it’s zero-calorie. But in reality, artificial sweeteners are just as bad as real sugar because they’re carcinogenic, wreck your gut bacteria, and perpetuate your sugar addiction.
Instead, try alternatives that are natural, well-studied, and just as sweet- like xylitol, and stevia. But if you just can’t ditch that diet soda, try switching to sparkling mineral water.

5. Calories in, calories out is the best way to lose weight.
This is an old school of thought that says in order to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you consume each day.
In reality, it’s not that simple. Calories are just numbers that define a unit of energy. They’re numbers. They don’t determine the way food makes you feel.
Your diet’s balance of carbs, fats, and proteins and the quality of your food matters more than the number of calories you consume. If you’re eating in a calorie deficit, but you feel badly because you’re only eating kale and cayenne, you’re not giving your body the fuel it needs to keep your systems running at their peak.

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