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Jenny Ronchetti

This challenge is perfect for me. I joined the challenge because I wasn’t feeling well at all. After having my first baby I put on a lot of weight and I lost my confidence. I was always tired, bloated and fatigue.
The first week was hard as I was introducing something new and different to my life and body, but the second week I had a lot of energy, I was sleeping better and my mood had change,I’m feeling positive and happy.  I lost 13 pounds in the 5 weeks and I gain confidence back and I learned how to eat better and organize myself to get my workout done even on busy days. The plan for me is really easy to follow.  My favorite part about this challenge is that I was never hungry or starving. I also love the support I received from Paige and her team, I really can’t thank them enough for all the work and effort they put to create this program. It has really changed my life.
Nikki Landeros

The challenge was definitely hard at first especially the diet part. I’ve never don’t calories deficient before so it definitely shocked my body. It was a challenge to find the strength to keep going and during the first week. However once my body started to adapt to the changes I started to feel better. The workout plan was awesome! Cardio days were hard because I hate doing cardio lol. Mid way through the challenge I started to notice some changes in my weight and my body so that was what pushed me harder to finish the challenge. I am happy with the results I got but I’m still working toward my goals. The challenge definitely put me on the right track to continue the diet and the workout to hopefully reach my goal weight by the end of the year. Thank you Paige!
Lorena Uresti

This challenge was incredible! The personalization of workouts, to the meal plan is something I truly loved. I was able to reach my goal of maintaining my weight yet lose body fat. I am glad I was able to step out of my comfort zone and actually challenge myself and I definitely do not regret joining the challenge. I have gained so much confidence at the gym and overall, I just feel so good and I literally owe it all to Paige’s guidance through it all.
Monika Lokietko

I am soo happy and proud of myself for sticking with the 5 intense weeks and for getting the results I did. 12 pounds lost, plus another 3 afterwards is impressive but what excites me even more is the 18 inches lost and the confidence I gained. My husband and kids say that I am glowing! I can’t wait to see the results I get with round 2 and the next challenge. As a mom of 4 (3 pregnancies) and a very hectic life, I could have used any excuse to say this wasn’t the right time. It’s never the right time! As women and mothers, we deserve to do something for ourselves especially since we’re always doing things for everyone else! Thank you Paige! Best thing I could have done for myself and my health!


Erin Arrigenna

My starting weight was 145 and in 5 weeks I lost 10 pounds and ended at 135. The challenge was a great experience. It was the perfect length of time to keep yourself on track and see results. I thought I would always have love handles but in 5 weeks they’re gone!! After many people have seen my results, a lot of them have been asking me about the challenge and how I did that in 5 weeks. I pushed myself like I’ve never pushed myself before and the results are amazing!  The challenge showed my how important it is to take time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself and stay active. My overall health and how I look and feel about myself after the challenge is priceless!!


Nicole Carlson

I’ve been working out for a few years now but I have never pushed myself so hard in the gym until I started this challenge. I used to workout pretty much to just maintain the “fit” shape I already had. But I still didn’t like the way I looked. I wanted to have a flatter stomach and be more toned and all that but I was never motivated enough to train harder or diet properly.
My main goal from joining this was to get my motivation back and that was exactly what I got from this challenge! This was the first time in my life that I dieted properly without any cheat meals and the hardest I’ve ever trained in the gym! I’ve always been really small so I knew that when I started the challenge, that I needed to lose the fat on my body before I could put on the lean muscle I’ve always wanted. It was hard sometimes mentally because I had lots of people calling me skinny and saying that I looked like I was starving myself.. but I never gave up! I just kept pushing and pushing.
I have absolutely loved going to the gym everyday, that’s the one thing I look forward to daily. Before this challenge started, I never ever did cardio because I hated it so much. And now I love doing cardio!!
This challenge has given me everything that I wanted from it and I cannot wait to continue on in this new journey!!
I honestly could not have asked for a better coach! She was always there for me when I needed her!! I would 100% recommend this challenge to anyone!!
Chrissy Smith

I wish I could see what another 5 weeks would do for me!! WOW!!
Thanks for everything during this time! One main thing that this challenge has taught me is how much can be accomplished in one week. It really helped me to realize that I can see awesome results in a short amount of time so I don’t have to wait six months to see amazing changes with my body.
I’m a mom of three kids, I’m 36 years old, I’ve never had any surgeries except for three C-sections after three very difficult and dangerous pregnancies, I have a full-time job in sales, yet I’ve managed to be in the best shape of my life through simply eating REAL foods and exercising. It’s possible and anyone can feel great and look amazing no matter your age or what you’ve been through. It’s literally all up to YOU, and it all begins with your MIND. I want to inspire women who are like me to get healthy and accomplish their goals!!


Besa Mornia

Just wanted to check in and say I’m having soo much fun in this program and have learned soo much already about myself and loving it!! You have given my confidence back!! I feel soo good and everyone around me is noticing my confidence and happiness:) the first couple days i had emailed you stating that i wanted to vomit just thinking about all the food you were making me eat, now my metabolism is working faster that I’m counting down minutes until my next meal .  So excited to share my final pics with you in couple weeks
Sandy Welty

Hi Paige!
I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds
7 inches over all! I’m beyond happy even through my mom getting very sick me myself in the ER for multiple stomach issues IBS Diverticulitis, colitis i try to muddle through.. when you have these types of problems exercise is the BRST medicine! But I’m trying to take it to the next level with your challenges and your help..
With a big thank you I hope to reach my goals!
Thanks again,


Brittany Hencken

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this awesome challenge! I am so happy with my results and lost 5 more pounds than what I was hoping or even thought possible (15 total)! I feel great and plan to continue this healthy lifestyle. I have way more confidence not only in my self image, but in the gym. I would normally hide in the corner where no one can see me and do my best to avoid eye contact with everyone. Now I don’t feel this anxiety. Personally I feel like the photos don’t show the extent of my true results, but that’s okay. I’m not the best at taking pictures and the lighting was terrible. I am so proud of the progress I made!
Thanks again,

Elizabeth Ohman

I am so happy I took a leap of faith and did this challenge! I took your advice and pushed harder with my cardio and I feel amazing! I know I have a little extra skin and belly from my pregnancy but I feel way more confident than I have in a long time!! Thank you so much Paige! Definitely feel like the momma I should!
Chelle Larocque

This challenge has been an amazing experience. I started it because I wanted to make a life style change. I had noticed my body being sluggish, not fitting into clothes and more importantly I was constantly tired and not able to do things with my boys. Since I started this challenge I have learned to be kind and love my body more. It is a strong body that went through a miscarriage and  carried two boys.  I was on medication for narcolepsy because I just couldn’t make it through the day without naps or rest and even on the medication I still felt overtired.
Two weeks into this program myself and my husband noticed a huge difference in my energy level. He even said I like this “new” you. I have noticed I hadn’t needed to take my medication to stay awake and don’t even feel tired. I noticed the amount of coffee intake was dropped down to one if any cups a day with no headaches. I was a 5 cup of coffee drinker!  This program has given me so much of my life with my family back. I CANNOT wait to start my Five Week Challenge. Thank you so much for this experience!
Lyndsey Stevens

 I really am so grateful for you! I could’ve had anyone train me but I’ve been watching you for years and am so inspired by you and your body especially after having a baby! I had my second 7 months ago and I’ve been told so many times there’s no point in working out hard and trying to get a certain body because after a baby it’s impossible. But seeing you makes obviously believe otherwise!! Sorry for the long response. I just wanted to say thank you.
Megan Kleckner

Hey Paige I’m beyond excited about my results, I have way more energy than I have had in a long time, I still plan on workout out everyday and just keep going, my weight went down to 129.6 . My muscle mass has gain and toned up so much nicer and I want to keep showing g it more. Thanks so much for everything for helping me get bavk in track with eating better and working out and targeting the right places I needed.
Elizabeth Crook

Hope this email finds you well. I really enjoyed training with you the past five weeks! Ever since I had my son I’ve had a hard time setting aside time to take care of myself. Your program helped me reprioritize and feel more comfortable  with getting back to doing something I love to do. I can also wear less baggy clothing again, which is a huge plus.
Esteher Nielsen

I don’t know how I feel about this challenge ending! Haha I’ve actually loved it so much! I’m so happy I’ve found a new lifestyle. What would you suggest as far as after the challenge, I definitely don’t want to go back to eating how I used to cuz I’d most likely gain all the weight back I’ve lost.And I love the way my body feels!

Thuy Burton

Looking at myself i thought i looked the same, until i compared the pictures. & to be honest, it makes me feel so happy because i thought id never get rid of this mum body. But slowly slowly i’m getting there. The challenge is great, very motivating and the instructions that are given are always so clear. Didn’t think a challenge so short could be so effective.

Casey Miller

I have not felt this good physically and mentally in a very long time. I am honestly still in disbelief over the progress I made in 5 weeks. I am really excited to start this challenge again and continue the changes I have made. The challenge was more than I had hoped for. The workouts were detailed and well planned. The meal plan was tailored to my needs and wishes. In the past, I always made excuses for not giving 100% but this challenge changed that mindset for me and I now have the confidence I always needed.


Sarah McDowd

I’m very happy with the changes I am seeing!! The other day I was putting leftovers away in the fridge with my back turned to hubby and he goes, “WOAH you have muscles!” I was like where? He said your whole back and your arms! Hehe woohoo. I can see my mom pooch getting smaller by the week. It has been very encouraging to see the changes!Great, I learned so much about working out and about eating! I thought I ate clean but I had a lot to learn, especially with regards to reading the labels and calories/carbs!


Holly Peterson

I feel great! I definitely feel more energy and stronger than I was before. I am fitting to my jeans better and am eating so much better, especially being a busy mom of 2! I am also drinking more water, feeling more hydrated and healthy all around. The challenge was great! The workouts were amazing and my body was so sore but it felt great! You really helped answer all my questions and gave such good advice! Thank you 🙂 I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family!
Jordan Christie

I am very happy with my results! It has helped me get into a good daily routine. I liked it, but I prefer having an app with a video or picture example of the workout. The workouts were definitely challenging, but I think thats what lead to accelerated results. I think more people would pull the trigger and buy into the challenge if there was more information on the Fitin5 website. I was on the fence, but my chiropractor told me I needed to start working out and at the same time sponsored ads for the challenge kept popping up. *It was fate* I think the facebook group is great. The mini challenges made it even more fun. I also liked the mid-challenge check-ins and the option to email you questions on Tuesdays.

For only 5 weeks…. these were the results I was hoping for, especially from doing it at home. My main goal was to be able to zip up my winter I had a baby on November 5th, so after I had her I had no doubt in my mind I was going to be able to wear my jackets and sweatshirts. That wasn’t the case. I couldn’t even zip up my winter jacket that used to be big on me. I ended up ordering a different jacket online in a bigger size and fit very snug. That was very upsetting. Thanks to the Fit in 5 Challenge,  they both fit now! My mood and confidence have also changed. I think I was on the verge of experiencing postpartum depression, but since I started the challenge, I’ve been much happier and other people have noticed as well….like my chiropractor who told me to start working out asap.

Kaci Martin

I’m loving my progress! I feel so much better! More clear mentally. My joints don’t feel strained. I absolutely LOVED this challenge! I’m not just saying that either. I feel like it really challenged me! Mentally, physically, and even emotionally. It took me to my absolute limits every single day for 5 weeks. And I was able to say no to junk food when people would ask. Which I’ve never had the strength to do.

David Ratliff

I feel great about the progress.   I lost 33 pounds, got a new belt because my old one went around my side, I even lost a chin, and I lost a bunch of inches. The challenge has changed my diet, and my way of thinking.  I hired a health coach to help with straightening out myself.
Allie Lasater

I definitely see more definition, especially in my back! But most importantly I feel AMAZING.
I feel really good about my progress. I did not expect to lose a lot of weight and that was not my goal so I really do feel like I accomplished my goal. My energy is amazing and I look forward to working out everyday. This challenge is exactly what I needed. I’ve always struggled consistently with finding what is best for my body and how to obtain those results. This was the guide and assistance I needed, so thank you so much Paige!
Dana Geall

Hi! I absolutely loved the program! I had my forth child 16 months ago and gained 80 pounds. It was a high risk pregnancy and as a result I wasn’t allowed to do much of anything and as a result gained a significant amount of weight. The hardest part was that I was a fit person who became very weak physically and essentially had to start over as a total beginner when my baby was 4 months. It was tough emotionally and physically, but with time and commitment I lost 65 pounds by the time my baby was 14 months old. For the last couple of months I was at a standstill regardless of my efforts. I decided to challenge myself with Paige’s Fitin5 program. I am so happy that I did! I lost 11 pounds and 10 inches in 35 days 🙂 More importantly, I am stronger than ever! Although this was a five week challenge, I am going to continue with the meal plan and workouts and have just made this a part of my life. I am so grateful that I took on this challenge and I am very proud of my results. Thank you for giving me the motivation and change that I needed.

 Amanda Cahill

For the past two year I’d struggled with gaining and losing the same ten pounds and I finally hit a point where I knew it was time to make a change. I’d been following Paige for a few years and I just knew the Fit in 5 Challenge was exactly what I needed to get back into a healthy lifestyle. From day one, I was blown away by the level of involvement from Paige and the Fit in 5 team. From the customized meal plan, personalized workouts and support from Paige and others in the challenge group I knew this program would be the one to deliver the change I was seeking. Yes, weight loss was my goal (proud to say I lost 15 pounds!!), but gaining back my confidence and my love for working out is the greatest impact from this challenge. When I look at my progress photos I’m still in awe of the transformation and I feel so thankful to have been part of this challenge. Thank you Paige and the Fit in 5 Team for all the help and guidance—I couldn’t have done it without you!!
Ashley Gummer

The program, and Paige, were a necessary toolbox in achieving my weightloss goals. I was able to help educate myself during this challenge which ultimately led me to success. Within the toolbox I was given many tools to help get the job done. Not every tool worked everyday. So thank goodness Paige made sure there were other tools, like herself, along the way to help. My goal was to build a better body, and in those 5 weeks, you better believe it, I did. And I continue to have to the tools needed to maintain this body and continue to do better. And yes, even fix this one up if it falls off the right track again.  I am great full for this challenge and hope many others take the opportunity to build a better body for themselves!
Whitney Donaldson

I feel confident & eager to keep going! This was a great kickstart to getting back on top of the game!

Susan Behrooz

I am SO grateful for Paige and her Fitin5 challenge!! It’s changed my life for the better!

*I hope that’s not too long! I could seriously go on and on about how amazing your program is and how much it has changed me!

I’ve attached my video here also. I had to redo it several times because it was too long! Hopefully this one goes through. If there’s anything else that you need, please let me know!

And THANK YOU again for helping and supporting me through this journey! I am so grateful!!


Amanda Ocone

Thank you so much for this amazing experience. My starting weight was 158 lbs and my final weight was 148 lbs. I lost 10 lbs and 12 inches! I went down 2 pant sizes!!!! Thankfully I saved all of those clothes I used to fit into!! This has been one of the most important and incredible experiences I have done in my life. This was truly a life changer for me. I have been struggling with my weight for 10 years and was in a negative rut for so long. I tried other programs (workouts and nutrition) and would start them and then only make it two weeks before quitting. After losing a family member to COVID in May, I knew I needed to do something. Life is just way too short! I have two children who need me to be there for them as well as be a good role model. I don’t want them to be quitters. That’s when my husband found your program and shared it with me. I was ready! The challenge was hard but I learned so much about what I was capable of; mentally and physically. I realized that I missed lifting weights so much and that I didn’t have to have a bad relationship with food. I FINISHED a 5 WEEK PROGRAM! The first time in my life I didn’t quit!! How awesome is that! I learned that food is fuel for your body and planning is the best strategy in life. I have even continued my fat loss journey following the Fitin5 challenge. I have lost an additional 6 lbs since finishing the challenge. I have built new and improved habits around eating and working out. I can’t imagine going a day without working out now. I feel so strong and more confident in my smaller frame. I will continue to push to reach my goal weight of 120lbs. I now eat for my goals, not for a diet!

Cheers to crushing goals!!!

-Michael Kotlarek

First of all I want to thank Paige for giving me the opportunity to participate in this challenge.  This will be my 3rd Fitn5 and each time I have learned something new, but each time I did it with my wife and we were able to connect on a healthy platform.

The challenge started shortly after the Covid-19 shutdowns.  I had delved into drinking alcohol, partying and over eating like a lot of people.  Our tattoo business was forced to close for 2 months and I was really stressed about the success of our business.

When we were able to reopen I found myself feeling sloppy and unhappy with my appearance and my health.  Here I am at 50 realizing I was living at a fraction of my capacity in an average lifestyle.  A lot of people pursue a health quest for themselves.  My parents passed away early in my life, and I didn’t want to be a statistic to my wife and 2 daughters.  I wanted to be here in life for them.

The most difficult part of the challenge was the diet.  I found shortcuts purchasing rotisserie chickens from grocery stores and a lot of turkey chili for our meal preps.  We did all the workouts at home.  On day one I clocked in at 207 lbs and was able to get down to 192.

After the first week I noticed the edema in my lower legs had vanished.  As I kept with the program the better I felt.  I developed more energy and self worth.  I’m committed now to living a better life for my family, my health and my business at a 10X level. Thank you again for the opportunity and congratulations to all the participants and the finalists.  Good Luck.


Andrea Blackmon

During the last six years between getting married, having a baby, moving to 4 different parts of the country and being a full time student life has been exhausting to say the least. I haven’t had the energy or motivation in a very long time to take care of myself.  I’m 36 years old and before this challenge I felt like I had to come to terms that in your 30’s and after having a baby it is impossible to lose weight. I signed up for this challenge to be able to live a healthier lifestyle again and really needed the motivation and accountability to keep me on track. I saw more changes within the first week of this challenge than I have in months of trying to lose weight prior to this. This challenge has reminded that when we set our mind to achieve a goal and we give it our all… WE WILL SEE RESULTS!

Of course it was challenging but worth every second of it. I never imagined I could gain this much confidence and energy in a matter of weeks. Feeling comfortable in my own skin and living a healthier lifestyle is exactly what I needed and couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Paige for helping so many of us be a better version of ourselves both physically and mentally.


Lynsy Razo

This challenge was an eye opener for me. I started weight training years ago but never yielded results as I see now. This program gives you the tools to jumpstart your fitness lifestyle and it really changed my relationship with food. I learned what you need to eat in order to properly compliment your workouts and now food is not the enemy. I eat so much more than i ever have before but im eating healthy good food. Overall my mindset of body image has changed. I dont need to look a certain way to be happy. What gave me the confidence was the journey and hard work of reaching my goal. This program gave me the tools for a better lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier.


Jennifer Thao

I’m truly grateful to have been part of the Fitin5 challenge! After many contemplations and watching everyone’s journey, I finally convinced myself to join the challenge. Investing in Fitin5 was the best decision ever! Coming from a cultural background where food wasn’t measured, working out wasn’t normal for women, and being skinny was considered ugly, made it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I loved working out and “trying to diet”, but I was never consistent. The pandemic only made it worse. I was at my heaviest and felt the worst about myself mentally and physically. But at the same time, if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I probably wouldn’t have joined the challenge. The pandemic was definitely a blessing in disguise. I know a lot of crazy things happened but so many good things came out of it. Training my body to do things it wasn’t used to was so challenging but worth every blood, sweat, and tear. It taught me how to discipline myself, learn how to appreciate every small difference and trust the process. I went into the challenge with the mentality to do my best, stay focused, and accomplish my goal. I did all that and that alone, was winning for me. Here is what I gained: a healthy diet, a workout plan, self-confidence, more energy, and no more acne. All in 5 weeks! I did it and I know YOU can do it too! There is nothing better than investing in yourself and feeling good about it. This is not the end, it’s only the beginning.



Chelle Larocque

This challenge has been an amazing experience. I started it because I wanted to make a life style change. I had noticed my body being sluggish, not fitting into clothes and more importantly I was constantly tired and not able to do things with my boys. Since I started this challenge I have learned to be kind and love my body more. It is a strong body that went through a miscarriage and  carried two boys.  I was on medication for narcolepsy because I just couldn’t make it through the day without naps or rest and even on the medication I still felt overtired.

Two weeks into this program myself and my husband noticed a huge difference in my energy level. He even said I like this “new” you. I have noticed I hadn’t needed to take my medication to stay awake and don’t even feel tired. I noticed the amount of coffee intake was dropped down to one if any cups a day with no headaches. I was a 5 cup of coffee drinker!  This program has given me so much of my life with my family back.

Christian Lundin

Hi there, so I started This challenge at 151 pounds and I am down to 127 pounds . This challenge has been the most helpful thing that has got me back on track to getting healthy again. I used to be very fit and ran marathons. I ended up going through some very difficult times in life and had a baby. After I just never really worked on myself. I got very big and unhealthy and I really wanted to do something but I just didn’t know how to start it. I remember the transformation picture that made me make the choice to do it I couldn’t believe that that could get done in five weeks and it was just what I needed to feel like I could actually accomplish it. The food portion of it was very easy for me and I appreciated that I didn’t have to buy anything specific. The workout part was a little bit more difficult because I am a single mom with three children I go to school full-time and I work a full-time job so there were times I didn’t have a lot of motivation But looking at all of the posts on Facebook group page and reminding myself why I was doing it help me to push through. I really appreciate everything!
Kandace West

I’ve struggled with my weight the last couple of years due to a car accident I was in. Then Covid hit and the gyms shut down. I was having a hard time finding the right diet/workout routine. I came across the FITIN5 challenge and was blown away by the amount of detail and care Paige gives.  She is extremely hands on, pushes you to keep working hard and the Facebook community provides continued motivation. There were days that were harder than others, but I pushed myself to my limits thanks to Paige and I’m blown away by my results. And this is just the beginning to my new fitness journey and life. Thank you so much FITIN5! This program literally changed my life.
Rebecca Lucera

The challenge was an eye-opener and it definitely helped me understand how to eat, how much to eat, and how often to work out. I really needed this challenge to help boost my confidence up and give me some hope. Even after the challenge, I plan to carry on these new habits that I have developed thanks to Paige and this program.
Tamara Racino

This was my first ever challenge and it did not disappoint!  I was looking to make a long term change, and this was my jump start.  The meals and workouts were custom made for me which made both VERY doable.  I was a little nervous about being able to stick to this for 5 weeks but after week 1 and seeing results, it was easy.

Being a 48 year old woman, losing weight doesn’t come easy.  Gravity takes over, metabolism was slower, and my busy lifestyle was always a reason I used for not eating right.  I was already involved in exercise 6 days a week but my nutrition was iffy.  This challenge got my eating under control with MORE food than I was used to eating, and eating real food.  I was never hungry during the challenge and my significant other even started eating healthier with me!  (And he is a meat and potatoes guy).  And can we talk about sugar?  I am an addict and never realized how much I took in daily until this challenge.  What an eye opener.  I am ever grateful for Fit in 5 and will be doing my second challenge after the holidays.

Isabella Greene

I was so back and forth about doing this challenge after time and time again of trying personal trainers or fad diets. All I can say is that I am SOOOOO happy that I decided to just go for it. Paige and the fitin5 team know exactly what they’re doing. With the personalized diet, exercise program, and all the support throughout the challenge, I couldn’t have asked for anything better! I was given the guide to success and have gained my confidence back. Not to mention how much better I feel mentally and physically. I feel more energized, motivated, and stronger than ever! Thank you for all the help and giving me the tools to continue to create the best version of myself!
Mahina Tai

This challenge was exactly what I needed as a jumpstart back into fitness after giving birth to my twins this past June. I always struggle with postpartum & I needed the mental break especially to find the right diet to ensure I’m getting enough nutrition while nursing all while trying to lose the 60 lbs I gain every pregnancy. Obviously it would be impossible to lose all the pregnancy weight gain in 5 weeks, but give me a challenge to motivate me to start. I’m pretty proud of the 14lbs lost & confidence gained through this experience. I loved not feeling overwhelmed with too many restrictions, but more so guidance to mindfully eating. Nutrition provided me enough breast milk supply & energy. I would recommend this fitness challenge to all nursing momma’s.
Amy Ramos

Just wanted to say this program for me was the best thing I could’ve done….I was looking into weight Loss surgery for dec…and now I’m so motivated to keep going and no longer do surgery…also the support group was amazing… I didn’t feel alone. It was hard to get back on fitness journey but this program made it easy, totally got the hang of it and it was a quick 5 weeks 200.9 starting to 186.9…my confidence is back!!!! Recommend to anyone !!!
Reanata Vincent

The challenge has been a great test on mind over matter. I am mother of 2 and definitely wanted to get back to my goal of 55kg. I am almost there and thank you to Paige fitin5 challenge that helped made the difference! I highly recommend this challenge as it brings the vision across that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

-can you send me a short video of you talking about how the challenge has helped you, your experiences these past 5 weeks, how you feel about your results etc? Yes! I’ve attached it above!

Leticia Stewart

The challenge really taught me a lot about myself.  Being a mom of 3, and a wife there’s always something going on. But having a support system to ask questions to help me reach my end goal was really motivating.  I never had the time before doing this challenge, but I learned that it’s okay to not clean one night to make time for working out! Being on a plant-based diet I thought it was going to be challenging to have a meal plan customized for me but Paige really did an amazing Job.  I am so happy with the new habits this. Challenge has given me.
Chris Whitaker

The challenge has helped me maintain my physique that I was looking for and the amount of conditioning that was needed as well.  I spent many years sometimes overtraining and under eating.  It led to me not performing well and frequently fatigued.  Watching the progress that was made especially in weeks 2 to 3 helped push me  harder to the finish line.  I was able to still treat myself once a week, while also not over doing it and sabotaging my goals.  The challenge helped show me what I am still capable of.  I may not be able to lift the number I did, but I can still keep myself in shape, healthy and have the physique I wanted.  I feel better, perform better,  and I have my confidence back.  I have since started Fight Camp with my wife and continue to use the Peloton.  I am hoping once Covid  eases up that I can get back on the ice and start playing hockey again.  I am happy with my results and will continue to put the work in.  Thanks Paige.
Meghan Hendricks

I told myself “take this challenge one day at time”. I tried to focus on making small success every single day vs. focusing & stressing myself out on a full 5 weeks. I was extremely proud of myself during and completing this challenge. It was incredibly motivating seeing my friends & family support me throughout the process. I LOVED my workout split. Before beginning the challenge, gyms had closed due to the virus so I thought it was going to be extremely difficult to mind motivation to workout at home. I truly think I found a new love for working out at home! I blasted my favorite music, got in the zone, & crushed every workout!!

Sheena Moreno

I chose this challenge to learn more about my body and nutrition. With the gyms closed in May due to COVID-19, I felt a bit lost and honestly unmotivated. Putting together a routine and nutrition plan was not a priority and I had no idea where to start. Not to mention I was suffering from a spontaneous chronic back pain that ultimately limited my movements and the amount of weight I could lift.
This challenge gave me the drive I needed to push past my issues and work hard for something I am truly passionate about. I fell in love with the process!! Week after week I took a progress photo and admired the minor changes I saw in my body and that motivated me to continue Paiges program every day. It is such a good feeling to know that your hard work is paying off! Consistency is key guys! This challenge has changed my mindset on fitness and nutrition completely. I am beyond grateful to have been apart of this challenge. Thank you Paige and fitin5 for changing my mindset and educating me though out this program!​
Dean Coombs

I couldn’t be happier how my body transformation went and how paige has helped me achieve my goals.I have comments all the time from people and have found I am such a more confident person.
I would recommend the Fitin5 challenge to anyone who wants to dramatically change their body and become a new person.
Erika G.

I decided to do this challenge seeing other people success stories that first I saw on Paige’s Instagram and later on Fitin5 website. I did few other different challenges before and this one is my favorite so far because it truly helped me to make a lifestyle change. The material you get gives you knowledge not only how to loose weight but how to keep up with it later on, helps you set goals and ways to reach it also so many delicious recipes. The goals I put starting challenge where loose body fat, trim my waist, have my abs show up, tone up in general. I could not be happier with my result in such a short time. I lost 5% of body fat gained 2.3% of lean muscle. In total I lost 15.7inch all around and 2.75inch from waist line, 2.36inch from tummy. I am so grateful for this amazing experience!
Kaitlyn Benbow

This challenge has meant the world to me. I have always been pretty fit and active, but in the last year or two, I just couldn’t find the passion or the motivation I once had for staying fit and going to the gym and totally lost myself physically and mentally. I tried many times to get myself going again, and nothing seemed to work. This challenge was the game changer I needed to get myself back on track and kick my butt into gear! I now remember why I love to work out and how good it feels to be in control of your body and the food you put in your body. I am so thankful to have been a part of this challenge and to work with Paige who I have looked up to for years now! I am now feeling like my old self, but with a new and improved mindset!
Betsy Karr

I’d seen other people’s transformations and it seemed too good to be true but having completed it, I know first hand your program works! I highly recommend Fit In 5 to anyone that’s working on getting healthy, strong and lose weight.
Bridget Killingsworth

The challenge for me was challenging and kept me pushing my self. Mom of 3 kids and the youngest being 15 months old was hard. I fell in depression mode and just could not get out of it and started to not eat . ( hard to believe seeing my pictures) I was just Diagnosed with being hypothyroidism and told my self I was ok being fat, but I wasn’t !
I have followed You for sometime and I finally took the plunge to be healthier not only for me but my kids. This challenge put a lot of things in perspective for me with eating and how to work out properly.
Thank you for helping me Paige and giving me tips also on stretching & ab work outs with my back issue . I have also 3 weeks before my honey moon and I will continue to work hard!
Jessica Folkens

Fitin5 challenge is something I’m very familiar with. I did this challenge about 3 years ago back in the summer of 2016 after i had my second son. I had amazing results then so i knew where and who to turn to when it was time to get my life back on track. In the past 3 years i have gained 40 pounds, slow and steady, i let stress and depression take over and being a registered nurse working two full time jobs, sometimes its hard to find time to eat reguarly, its much easier to snack!
Thank you Paige, because of your effective program i was able to get my life back on track and have started to feel like the old me again. Ive still got more to lose and will continue to push towards my goal!! This challenge is one of the best and i highly recommend it for anyone in need of a jump start to a better you!
Jenn Welch

This challenge was just what I needed to get back on track to living a healthy lifestyle. Between work & kids my wrkout routine & eating habits had not been so great for the past few months. This 5 week challenge really pushed me & motivated me to be the best version of ME and to keep going. This is just the beginning for me. I also feel I have a much better understanding of food, and what is healthy, along with portion sizes. It has taught me so much! Thank you Paige & all your team!! You guys ROCK!
Kailey Barnes

This challenge helped me over come any doubts I had in myself! In the five weeks of this challenge I pushed myself to become the person I used to be and instead I came out better. I fell in love with bettering myself, for myself. Thanks to your guidance and support from not only you but the consistent positive motivation from the Facebook support group, I have better changes both physically and mentally. Thank you so much to you and your team for giving me the opportunity to become the person I am today.
Madeline Alannah

The Fitin5 restored my faith in myself to get my health on track and most importantly stick to it no matter how I felt. I fell in love with wieght training and before I knew I made muscle gains in areas that I have never had before. I am so happy I did this challenge, win or loose it was about getting out of this hopeless slump of yoyo dieting and training. The Fitin5 changed my mental state and physical state, bringing my best self to light. I am so grateful to Paige and the Fitin5challenge for getting me here. I may not be at my goal weight yet but I am the right track thanks to this challenge.
Lonnie Dickinson

Paige provides all the tools you need to transform your body.  She provides a custom diet to fit your goals, workouts to suit any and all fitness levels, weekly support and check in’s and prize money as extra motivation. My fitness goal was to lose as much body fat as possible in 5 weeks.  Meal prepping was the first key to my success.  The diet Paige provided was the perfect amount of food and my sugar cravings quickly disappeared. The workouts were really good, but cardio was really difficult for me at first, but by the end of the challenge I was running 3 miles a day.  That felt amazing.  Paige also provided tips to accelerate fat loss and they worked great.   I am extremely happy with the results of this challenge. It has helped me lose 40 lbs., increased my energy, flexibility and stamina.  But most importantly, it helped me create healthy habits and a better lifestyle.  This challenge was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it to everyone I know…young and old.  All the best!!!  Cheers!

Daniel Rito

Thank you so so so much for this! What an amazing gift this has been!!! I pushed myself harder then i ever have to a level of fit i have never seen! Ive struggled with my rotator cuff and right hip for quite some time and throughout this challenge i never backed down and showed myself what im capable of. I also know now how bad these injuries have effected my growth and development physically. I learned a massive amount about my previous eating habits and especially took notice to the high amounts of snacking i would do during the day.. could not have asked for a better experience during this challenge. COMPLETELY LIFE CHANGING!!!! You have done a really wonderful thing here and I could not be more grateful for you, this opportunity, and these lessons learned internally. I am on cloud nine right now!!!!
Whitney Irvine

This Fitin5 Challenge was an awesome experience. I knew exactly what I was getting in this challenge because I have now completed it twice, that’s how great it is. The changes I saw in myself were pretty mind blowing. This challenge is very doable if you put your mind to it & I felt like I had great resources through the entire challenge; either through Facebook group or email. I’m looking forward to my third challenge.
Vanessa Carrasco

This program really helped me find my inner strength to power through the rough workouts & stay committed! There is no magic pill or recipe for this, You need to do the work! I am completely overjoyed and excited with how much my body and mind have changed the last few weeks -it blows my mind! I have become so much stronger mentally and physically. Thank you Paige, from the bottom of my heart. Your program really helped me find strength and belief that I can do anything I set my mind to!
Samantha Nemeth

Wow. I cannot believe I did it. Ever since high school, I have always been uncomfortable with my weight. After years of following her, I finally decided to do Paige Hathaway’s Fit in 5 Challenge. It might have been the BEST decision I have ever made. I have gained so much self love and self confidence through this journey. I learned that you don’t see changes overnight or even over a week. With that being said, before I saw serious results, I could FEEL the difference. If you are looking to change your life, I highly recommend signing up for the next challenge. Now, it is not a program that allows you to eat whatever you want and only workout 3 times a week. I achieved the results by following a very clean eating meal plan and going to the gym 6 days a week. The plan is made for you specifically and I eventually started to love going to the gym! So if you are ready to put it some work, DO IT. It is worth it. Thank you Paige for changing my life. Making new goals and ready to crush them!
Nicole Sortino

-I chose to do the fit in 5 challenge because I felt that after my baby turned 1 and I turned 30 this past spring, I needed something competitive, intensive but easy to follow, and that I knew worked to kick my butt back into pre-baby shape again.  I actually did a challenge back when it was only 4 weeks long and Paige spelled fit with a ‘ph’ years ago lol.  I had amazing results then so I knew coming back to Paige and the challenge was the perfect decision!  The effort put into the program are the results you get out.  I knew my son was copying more than just words and I wanted him to see a mom who was taking care of herself and making healthy choices.  This challenge has jumpstarted my body so that I can continue to progress my fitness and live a healthy life where I’m comfortable in my skin again!
Mihai Lungu

When I started this journey I was in need of a change, both physically and mentally. I was looking for an escape from my daily routine and for a new beginning.. The last day of the challenge was bitter-sweet. I felt happy I accomplished something that I worked hard for and that I wanted really bad, but being part of this great group of people, all looking to better themselves, gave me energy and power. My family and friends are all proud of me. This fitness journey gave me purpose and passion, something that I will not give up soon. I am a winner in their eyes and mine and I am looking forward to see what the future brings.
Tara Mikuzis

This challenge was the toughest most rewarding 5 weeks of my life.  From meal prepping, to working out, to running, to HIIT training, to working a physical job to sleeping enough…waking up and doing it all over again. I learned more about myself these last 5 weeks than I ever have. I learned that if you can control why you eat…you can control anything!  It wasn’t always easy but it was always worth it!  These 5 weeks taught me that with a little bit of control and structure I can live a healthier, happier more energetic life!  Your health is your wealth!  Without your health you have nothing!  Thank you Paige for helping me kickstart a healthier life!  Paige is the real MVP for making a program so easy to understand and follow!
Eric McCain

I started Paige Hathaway’s Fit in 5 Challenge looking forward to learning about healthy dieting and exercising at the highest level. I couldn’t be happier with the results! The workouts she provided were very intense, and the strict meals have created positive eating habits! I definitely recommend this challenge to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle!

Bianca Cristiansen

I am so happy and grateful for this challenge. I honestly thought I had tried it all and would never be able to lose the weight and this challenge has shown me I can get back to where I want to be and I can’t wait to keep going.
Theresa Fraijo

The Fitin5 Challenge is just that, A CHALLENGE! It was five intense weeks of workouts and strict meal planning, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat after seeing my results. I was able to eat more than I ever have on any “diet” and still lose weight. I toned up and lost INCHES (Look at my booty and thighs in my before/after photos! The plan works! With kids, a job and life, it was NOT easy, but I was done making excuses and decided to put me first.  Thank you, Paige for putting on this challenge! It was the motivation I needed to get my body-after-three-babies back, and feel better mentally and stronger physically!!!
Lenka Lovas

Extremely thankful I joined the Fitin5 challenege. It pushed me to my max potential I didn’t even know I had. I achieved my goals I just five short and now feeling Fantastic! Once I started seeing changes in my body in just the first week, I literally became addicted! My energy levels went up quickly. I started to have better focus at work & more endurance. Found a happy balance with my work, home life, diet plan and exercises. I stopped eating out and only following the Plan I was provided. It was very simple once I got the hang of it. Continued to stick with it, never gave up. I kept saying to myself,  “The end results will be totally be worth it, don’t give up!”  I pushed through the pain of my sweetooth and hunger for fast food. I couldn’t believe I was able to fit into some of my old clothes again. It Felt great celebrating my 36th birthday in Vegas looking my very best. I’m very proud of myself that I was able to accomplish this. I shocked myself, didn’t think I had it in me. I couldn’t have done it without you Paige, you’re specific diet and encouragement, thank you 🙂
Martin Engster

I have done many different types of workout and routines.  For the past 10+ months I have been recovering from two pretty major shoulder surgeries.  My wife has done the FitIn5 challenge last year and she made tremendous progress.  With that all said she suggested I give it a try and it would motivate me to get back in the gym.  From day one of reading my diet plan and routine I was hooked and could not wait to step into a gym.  The feeling of purpose and motivation was awesome (I almost forgot how awesome).  Within a week I could tell a difference not only how I looked but also how I felt.  Stamina was up, motivation was through the roof and I was looking forward to getting my sweat on again.  Thank you Paige for the opportunity to do this!
Kelly S.

Thank you again for everything, this was such a great challenge, i learned so much, it was physically challenging but the mental challenge to push through and stay on course with this entire process really has motivated me to keep on this path now that i know I can! To have a goal and stick to plan to work towards accomplishing that goal is the best feeling EVER!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, motivation and encouragement and for all the wonderful tools provided along this journey that I know I can continue to carry with me! THANK YOU THANK YOU…you simply are the BEST!


Natalie Pinon

I am very proud of my progress. I have never seen my waist this small and my body this toned. I feel like a winner already. I had a lot on my plate with finishing up my semester in college for my masters degree, planning my wedding in 8 weeks, and going on my honeymoon during my last week of the challenge.. I am very pleased with my results. My now husband saw how hard I worked and my results and has been motivated  to make a change as well.


Melissa Rivera

Wow!!! Just wow!!!
Thanks you so much for helping me retake the rhythm/journey of working out and good eating habits.
Your program helped me reshaped my life in only 5weeks!!! Are you kidding!! Wow. Thank you so much Paige!!! I will forever be grateful.


Adrian Hernandez

My wife is a Marine Corps recruiter, and I’ve always felt like she deserves better, this challenge has made me that much better and I plan to continue on with a healthy lifestyle.. I’ve improved so much on my energy levels and now I can give my 2 year old daughter the attention she deserves and actually chase her around the house and not be super exhausted from my day. Thank you guys for everything,  I still know I have a long way to go in my fitness journey, but this sure has opened the doors to something great to come.
Jessica Frates

For the past year I was working as a third shift nurse and it took a toll on me, unfortunately I fell off with a lot of my healthy habits. The fit in 5 challenge was exactly what I needed to get back in the game! This challenge motivated to the point where I can now hold myself accountable again. I followed the workout plans and diet designed specifically for me to a “T” and each week became easier and easier. My sugar cravings went away, my strength and endurance increased, and of course the inches melted off!!! The challenge is over but I’m not finished… following my fit in 5 plan consistently for the 5 weeks of the challenge created reborn discipline in me and I feel great from the inside out!! I highly recommend to anyone of any fitness level!!
Mikele Brideau

My experience with the Fit in 5 challenge was absolutely amazing and life changing. The first week was definitely tough, adjusting to the meal plan and working out before and after work. The second week, I had huge cravings and I was feeling really hungry, but after letting Paige know, she adjusted my meal plan and told me what to add! It’s great that she really listen to you and adapts the challenge to fit your lifestyle and your body’s needs. At the end of the challenge, while taking the final photos, I felt like a bikini model ! I am thrilled with my results and with my transformation inside and out! I have developed some amazing new habits, like waking up early (5AM) to go to the gym before work, meal prepping, eating more protein and vegetables, strength training regularly. I am now living such a healthy lifestyle that I do not want to stop because I feel amazing!! I have so much energy and have been much more positive and happy. On top of this, I have never been more motivated in my life; motivated to go to the gym, work out, eat right, prep meals, wake up in the morning, work hard, push myself, get things done!! All of the sacrifices and the self-discipline have been worth it! I never knew I had such willpower and motivation. 
Brenda Leyva

I needed this challenge! With all the gyms being closed, I needed something to motivate me and get me going. I joined this challenge with a friend so we could keep our accountability going. It was definitely hard at first, but as we progressed and seeing the changes to my body and energy, I was so happy I started and kept going. Thank you so much for providing this challenge and it was so nice to be able to talk to others on the facebook page going through the same thing. I am more confident in my body and what I can do to change than when I started this challenge.

Hannah Brosmore

This challenge was everything I hoped it would be and more! After gaining about 30 pounds in the past 2 years, I got to where I was just so embarrassed of myself. I tried diet after diet. Low carb, keto, etc. nothing seemed to work for my body and I just didn’t have the will power to stick with anything. I have been watching the fit in 5 challenge for awhile now and just knew it was what I needed. I needed someone to teach me how to eat, teach me about macros, learn exercises to target different areas and just learn HOW to take care of my body through healthy eating and exercise. I just needed someone to help me. And that’s exactly what Paige did. She was there every step of the way! I just can’t thank Paige enough for this challenge and I can’t wait to do it again! I still have a long way to go in my journey, but this was the exact thing I needed to get started.

Kayla Hobbs

The Fitin5 challenge helped me get back into the fitness journey that I missed and loved! I had my sweet baby, Ella 7 months ago. Being a mom I had a hard time kicking myself in the butt to get back into the gym. I knew I wanted to try out a challenge and I am SO SO grateful that I chose this one. I have so much energy to keep up with Ella. Following Paige’s personalized meal plan as well as workout plans, I watched the pounds FALL off daily. I kept up with it and tried my hardest and it was the best decision. Everyone I know, knows how much I love and recommend the Fitin5. It’s crazy to think I made this transformation in FIVE WEEKS. I am so much happier with my appearance and will continue this lifestyle forever, all thanks to Paige’s help!
Kim Cassetto

I turned 41 years old this year and began the Fitin5 Challenge after recovering from 3 years of plantar fasciitis and a 45 lb. weight gain. Although I had tried other macro nutrient-based diets (iifym, keto, paleo), I had never mastered a ratio of fats-carbs-protein that resulted in weight loss, only weight gain. The final straw for me was no longer being able to wrap a regular size bath towel around myself without it looking like a teepee! I had a friend who did the challenge in the previous round and that was the motivation that I needed: to see real people succeed. Paige’s workouts were easy to modify or split into cardio/weight workouts. I took the pre-challenge planning very seriously and put my goal statements around my house and work place. The best part of the Fit-in-5 plan is that Paige tells you exactly what to eat for every single meal. Taking the thinking out of meal planning was just the ticket for me. It is the sole reason that I was able to stick with the macro nutrient planning through the holidays. I never had cravings and I was never hungry. I still can’t believe that we all had these amazing results in just 5 short weeks! Thank you, Paige!
Amy Quinones

I’ve been dieting for 23 years – yes, TWENTY THREE years. It’s been a roller coaster yo-yo experience that frankly I’m exhausted by. I’ve done challenges before where you get a cookie cutter meal plan and all you are told to do is “follow this” and don’t ask questions. Imagine my surprise when Paige sent not only a meal plan, but a detailed explanation of WHY you eat this way and HOW to adapt to whatever needed not only to drop fat but to become HEALTHY.  Paige is busy. Let’s get that straight. However there were weekly emails, weekly Q&A day, check-ins and support all. the. time. Not only did I see physical results, but higher energy levels, clearer skin and yes, a confidence in myself were a few byproducts of being a part of the Fit in 5 challenge.  You won’t find a more detailed system at a better price anywhere, that’s for sure. I changed – drastically in only 35 days. You can do anything for 35 days, right? Thank you Paige!
Michelle Gilbert

This challenge was so much fun. It was amazing to see my body change a little bit each week. You’ve given the tools to help create a lifestyle that is totally doable by anyone. The biggest thing I have learnt is that even when I feel like im starving I dont need to overeat to help myself. Eating the five meals a day usually didn’t leave much for hunger but with the amounts given I never felt like i needed seconds or like I was missing something after my meal. The workouts were challenging compared to what I had been doing in the gym the last few years but they were super fun. My boyfriend even did a few of them with me and would comment on how difficult they are. I am a new huge fan of supersets! I feel like this challenge gave me a new found respect and appreciation for myself and the things that I am mentally and physically capable of.  I am going to continue to use the knowledge you have given me from this experience and keep on going with it. I truly believe this challenge has changed my lifestyle and my view on fitness and being healthy. Thank you so much for being there through this experience.
Allison Pollard

This challenge was just that, challenging. I was pushed out of my comfort zone daily. I wanted to do this challenge for quite some time, but when our self confidence is not on par, we tend to disregard many challenges. I made the decision to change that. Through this challenge, I was able to find my self once again. I was not satisfied with my postpartum look, my diet and lack of energy. Paige’s meal prep plan really helped with giving me the energy to workout. This challenge was just the push I needed to start my healthy life style and to get in sync with my workouts as well as my meal preps. This challenge was only the beginning and I already gained my confidence back.
Sheng Yeng

Hi Paige! I have nothing but good things to say about this challenge.  It’s helped me realized and overcome so much in my fitness journey. I’ve always had a bad relationship with food and the meal plan you gave me helped me figure out that I do not need overly sugary food to be happy. The workouts are hard but over time my body slowly accepted that it would be doing inclined pushups and I started off not being able to do one good push-up in, and now I can do at least 5! I feel and look stronger and I am so happy that I joined!
Jason Carter

Turning 45 years old the beginning of this year had me feeling “old” for the first time in my life.  The gray started showing, I had to get glasses to read this year, and it became harder to keep the weight off.  Then COVID hit and my gym shut down, and we were on lock down at home for 3 months.  That’s when the weight really started climbing, and then my wife showed me your at home program.  I never thought I could workout at home and see results but your program showed me that I could.  It gave me the tools and instruction I needed to perform exercises I wasn’t used to doing and had never done before.  Working out in my garage in the Texas heat was hard to do, but as each day got a little easier it gave me the motivation to push on.  I gained the strength and energy I need to work from home, workout from home, and help care for our foster doggies.  This is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone, thank you for this opportunity.
Stephanie Siswick

The Fitin5 Challenge was more rewarding than I thought possible.  I’m incredibly proud of my results and appreciated the structure that helped me get there.  I loved being told what to eat without having to figure out my own macros.  The workouts were creative with lots of new things for me to try and now I crave lifting! Thank you Paige for giving me the drive to be a better me and the best jump start I could have asked for.

Nicole Limongiello

The challenge has really helped me kickstart my weight loss journey. My main goal was to lose weight- I gained 80lbs with my pregnancy and needed a push to start my journey back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Between the custom meal plan and the custom workout plan, I was able to shed almost 20 lbs. The biggest thing I’ve gained from participating in the challenge is my confidence. I’ve struggled my whole life with my weight. Before getting pregnant, I had gotten into the best shape of my life. Having a baby did a number on my self confidence and this challenge really showed me what I’m capable of. I can now look in the mirror and feel good about myself. I still have a long way to go but I look forward to the rest of this journey and thank Paige for giving me the push that I needed.
Allison Trivella

The challenge was a great experience for me, I was really pleased with the results. I liked having the support and check in emails from you as well as the fb group for encouragement from others doing the same challenge. When I do a certain program I am really goal oriented (and competitive) to stick with it and this one was a great experience. I felt great even after the first week! By the end of the challenge I was feeling healthier and stronger. I will definitely do it again! I’ve struggled with my weight for years, I have lost a lot and gained a little back periodically. Working out comes easy for me but the eating has always been a challenge. This program taught me even more for my journey here forward.
Thank you!!!!
Anna Hernandez

I absolutely love doing your fitness challenges. They keep me very grounded and on task, even as a busy mom of 3 boys. The results I get from your workouts and diet are like no other that I’ve ever had and people always compliment my body on how tone it is. I absolutely love it. Your work is amazing and blows me out the water every challenge I complete with you!!!

Chelsy Veniot

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this challenge. Im the type of person that needs things laid out for them. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to fit the challenge into my work schedule, but it was actually super easy with the home workout option.  The meal plan is super easy to follow and offers enough variety that even after 5 weeks I wasn’t bored of the meals.The workouts required little to no equipment and there are easy to follow video examples of all of the exercise. I have tried numerous other challenges and found that there was little to no support when it came to the nutrition portion which is so important.  I started to see results after the first week and was shocked at how quickly my body was changing, and continued to change throughout the 5 weeks. After doing the challenge I feel so much better equipped to create meal plans for myself that I know will keep me on track with my fitness goals.
Xemis Garcia

This challenge was very easy to follow. The meal plans and training plan were easy to stick to and had many options and variations to keep things interesting. The training plan was very detailed with step by step instructions and various ways you could substitute if equipment was not available to me. Paige had me challenged from day one attacking my weaknesses in running. I now have more energy to chase my toddlers around and resistance lol. The other great plus to this challenge was the support group from the other girls was amazing which we still kept to continue to motivate one another. I DEFINITELY recommend this program to anyone. I knew a lot about fitness but not so much about nutrition, but thanks to the plans and the extra information that we received, I can take on this journey. I will do this program again in the near future! Thanks Paige you have giving me a headstart in my journey and I’m forever grateful!

Denise Gillson

This challenge was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  I’m generally pretty healthy with eating and steady in my workouts, but COVID quarantine really threw me for a loop.  I spent 2 months watching Netflix, eating and drinking. A lot! I joined your Fitin5 challenge right after I stepped off the scale weighing more than I ever have.  I learned from this what good eating means for my body and how to important that is in getting the most out of my workouts to see real results.  Most importantly, I learned how my body gets in shape.  My body likes muscle weight and it seems to build muscle faster than it loses fat. I actually gained weight in week 2 and was so discouraged, but the motivation I got from the community in this challenge helped me to stick through what I saw on the scale.  This has always been a point of contention with me and my workouts.  My brain knows that muscle weighs more than fat, I know not to go by what you see on the scale… all of that, but the bottom line is it’s super discouraging when you see your weight go up (or even just not change) after all the hard work. The community in this challenge, and the validation that I was on a professional program that was somewhat tailored to my desired results, motivated me to stay on track and let it play out.  And I got the results I was looking for. This was a strong jump start to my fitness goals and exactly what I needed.  I lost 8 pounds and 11 inches!!!  It was not easy, but I love the results so much that I signed up for a second challenge.

Thank you, thank you!  I love the way my body feels!

Fernando Gomez

Overall the challenge was very well balanced with a good nutrition and challenging workouts. I really appreciated the custom diet and workout plan made specifically for me. The meals were sufficient and tasty, I did not feel hungry throughout the day and the food tasted great. Working out from home makes it harder to stay motivated but the workouts were fun but also challenging. I enjoyed the ability of being able to ask questions weekly and the ability of making adjustments throughout the challenge.
Aviaja Geisler

when you haven’t worked out for a long time and you start the challenge. It’s hard and your body will be sore so much it hurts but all of it is so worth it! It’s hardest the first 2 weeks but after that it gets better and addictive. The changes are incredibly fast to notice and it’s amazing!
Also the meal plans are amazing. Keeping the meal healthy and drink alot of water keeps it healthy and healthy food are good too!
Mike Simmons

I really liked the challenge, I had more energy was never hungry and started feeling better in just 4 or 5 days, the workouts were tough, and I had to scale them back a bit here and there but I always did the cardio, I’m keeping up the same routine now and am continuing to see results. Thank you for the jump start. Heck my wife lost 12 pounds just watching me lol!
Katie Cobb

The Fit in 5 Challenge was beyond incredible! For the longest time, I was doing these fad diets and just hoping I’d lose some weight but really I didn’t know what to eat or what to do in the gym for me to really get the results I wanted. Finally I stopped always looking in to the newest thing and tried this challenge, and thank goodness I did! Paige lays everything out for you from recipes, to educating you on macros, stretches, exactly what to eat, exactly what to do in the gym, etc. This challenge has been nothing short of life changing for me! So grateful!
Claudia Contreras

thank you so much for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin!
Charica Chatmon

This was by far one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. I pushed through the pain and stayed consistent. I’ve gained my confidence back and I’m loving the skin I’m in. I lost 12lbs and I have so much energy. I can run as fast as my children now 🥳. They love me being able to keep up with them. My family is so proud of me. The challenge was easy to follow and that’s what I love the most “no thinking to it just do it! I loved being able to communicate with you and you never left me behind. This is only the beginning! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAIGE!!! I’ve got my sexy back!!
Melissa Csakvary

I feel great and my progress went well! Can’t believe the difference!
Amanda Lowrey

I am so excited about my progress, and I feel so proud. I cannot believe how much stronger I have become both physically and mentally. Keeping a journal really helped me track my physical strength improvements.  I compared the weight that I was lifting in my first week to my last week, and I’ve not only been able to do the higher rep counts but all the weight has increased too! I’m also proud that I stuck to the entire five weeks of the challenge; I only slipped up once food wise and that’s when I had a whole wheat bagel. The first two weeks of the challenge were tough, but once I hit week three I felt like I got into a nice rhythm. I’ve kicked my Diet Coke addiction and my cravings for artificial / added sugars. I am now more motivated to see how I can continue to transform my body and continue living a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Robert Barrera

I’m feel great about the progress I have obtained, the challenge was good, I was given the diet and workout plan to succeed. My starting weight was 290 and my end weight was 262! I feel as if I have obtained the results I was looking for and more! Honestly, I don’t think I would change a thing if I did another challenge, I gave it my all, went hard during my workouts and cardio, never cheated on any of my meals, I feel good about how this challenge went.
Lina Bravo

Hi Paige, I just want to say Thank you so much for helping me transform my body.  I’m so happy with my results.  And I can’t wait to share my transformation pictures.  Starting weight 135 ending weight 117! I’m so much more confident already! It’s crazy.  Thank you for kickstarting my fitness journey!!
Yessenia Bravo

I feel great about my progress, I feel so much stronger now than I ever did before this challenge. I’m absolutely obsessed with my cardio vascular sessions 5 times a week. My body not only looks better but my overall wellness is amazing.

April Vinson

This challenge really motivated and inspired me to get in shape. At first it was very difficult getting accustomed to weighing the food I was eating and working out twice a day, though I kid you not as soon as the first week flew by I had already seen results, I couldn’t believe it. I am so grateful I got to be a part of this and never in a million years did I think I was going to make it to top 10. I highly recommend it to anybody who is trying to be a healthier version of themselves even if you’ve never worked out before it guides you from start to finish!
Andreanne Beruman 

I felt really good about the progress I had in just 5 weeks and anxious to see what kind of results I could see out of doing a second challenge so soon. I think it the program put together for me was extremely effective, the meal plans were great and didn’t leave me feeling hungry, and the workouts were awesome. My beginning weight was 125 and ending weight was 115. If I did another challenge I would definitely try harder to not stray from my meal plan, because I did have a few days where I had slip ups and didn’t stay on track. I did get the results I was looking for, I was hoping to lose at the very least 10 and I lost more! I also wanted to build muscle and I feel like I definitely have seen more definition in my arms & legs but this is just the beginning for me and I definitely have more goals to reach.
Julie Magers

I am so excited about the results of this challenge! I have been working out regularly and eating healthy for a couple of years now but this winter was a tough one. I experienced some set backs that caused the winter blues to set in and my fitness and diet suffered as a result. Getting back in the groove with this challenge has greatly improved not only my health and fitness but my overall attitude and life. It is difficult to lose those extra pounds after 40 years old (I am 42) so losing 17 pounds with tightening and toning is  more than I ever expected (I almost cried when I compared the before/after! I cannot believe the results I experienced in such a short time! You have the recipe, all we have to do is add the ingredients along with dedication and consistency. I plan to do the next challenge as well. This program truly works! Thank you so much for giving my confidence back!
Nicole Sortino

I chose to do the fit in 5 challenge because I felt that after my baby turned 1 and I turned 30 this past spring, I needed something competitive, intensive but easy to follow, and that I knew worked to kick my butt back into pre-baby shape again.  I actually did a challenge back when it was only 4 weeks long and Paige spelled fit with a ‘ph’ years ago lol.  I had amazing results then so I knew coming back to Paige and the challenge was the perfect decision!  The effort put into the program are the results you get out.  I knew my son was copying more than just words and I wanted him to see a mom who was taking care of herself and making healthy choices.  This challenge has jumpstarted my body so that I can continue to progress my fitness and live a healthy life where I’m comfortable in my skin again!
Kimberly Reynolds

I’ve always been athletic and I have always loved working out, but right after I gave birth to my second baby we moved thousands of miles away from home and I fell into a depression. I would half heartedly workout and wasnt eating right– I wasn’t taking care of myself at all. I didn’t even recognize myself in pictures or when looking in the mirror. It wasn’t only affecting me but also my family. I came across Paige’s Fitin5 challenge and thought maybe it would hold me more accountable having to check in with someone– and also I was paying for the challenge so it would motivate me not to waste the money. I got so much more than I thought I would out of this challenge. Paige laid everything out for us. Totally customized workouts and meal plans and if I ever felt like something wasn’t working I would just email her and she would tweak my plans. I fell in love with the workouts. I feel better than i have in a very long time. My confidence is coming back, I have more energy to run around with my babies and working out hard like this again has been a huge stress reliever for me. I am so thankful to Paige and the fitin5 challenge!
Kaitlyn Keppler

This challenge for me was about regaining my confidence back. I have always been healthy and athletic but after 2 babies I didn’t think I could lose the baby weight. It just wasn’t coming off as easy this time. So I decided to take the leap and Join Paige’s 5 week Home Edition Challenge. The Quarantine 15 is real.
Before the challenge began I made it a personal goal to lose 10 lbs. Overall, Paige helped me lose 12 lbs. I am stronger and leaner…All with strictly home workouts! Following Paige’s custom plan I was able to gain muscle and lose fat all within the comfort of my home. I have never been a home workout girl but this challenge made me fall in love with fitness at home. Times are quickly changing and I don’t think I would have been motivated enough to workout during Quarantine without Paige’s help.  I am so excited with my results they are undeniable. I feel sexy and in control of my health again. Thank you Paige!
Hellal Jawhari

This was my third challenge, and quickly remembered why I signed up for it. It allowed me to start believing in myself again, and made me remember that Paige was in my corner every step of the way; coaching me, motivating me, making sure I had everything I needed to get the job done! I put a 35 day countdown on my bathroom mirror with the caption “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT” and before I knew it, all the days were x-ed out, and I was taking my final pictures. The proof is in the pudding. She has, and will continue to help thousands of people feel better about themselves, because at the end of the day, Paige is just a regular (amazing might I add) woman, who shares the same struggles and battles you do as well. THANK YOU PAIGE!

Christy Rillo

This challenge has really shown me that if you put your mind to something, you really can do anything. I’m really so grateful for this opportunity! I can’t believe I’m in the top 15! If you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness goals, i HIGHLY recommend singing up for this challenge! Thank you SO MUCH Paige, i think I’m going to sign up for round #2
Cassidy S

This challenge was really what I needed when all of this crazy quarantine stuff started! The amount of detail in the food plans and workouts was absolutely shocking.  Paige gives you so much information,  so many different options, and is available for any questions that you have! The biggest part for me was the amount of accountability.  From the Facebook group to the halfway check-ins, it really makes it a lot easier to want to stay on track. It is absolutely amazing you can have these kind of results with little to no equipment at home. I honestly can’t wait to do another one.
Melissa Hart

The challenge encouraged me to put an emphasis on making time for my fitness goals and pushing myself to achieve them. The exercise and nutrition plans were easy to follow and I felt very motivated. I would recommend the challenge for someone needing a push in the right direction and for a way to switch up your current routine.

Kerin Calderon

This challenge helped me build a keep a routine in a time where everyone lost their routines due to quarantine. And the community support is INCREDIBLE. All of the challengers were so positive and encouraging to each other. I was able to learn and create healthy habits and I have even continued them. All in all, the challenge was definitely difficult but SO worth it.
Julie Calleja

The challenge was VERY challenging, hence the name! It has helped me really get myself on track and take back control of my life. I have been in and out of the hospital over the last 6 months dealing with some very unexpected medical problems with a carotid artery dissection. The drs told me I couldn’t do anything to raise my heart rate/ blood pressure and that obviously included working out which lead me to become very defeated and I ended up gaining a lot of weight because of it. Paige is someone I have followed for a long time and always love seeing her motivational posts on my feed. I had seen that she posted a challenge and there were only 2 spots left and that was all the motivation I needed to tell myself that night that I was going to take back control of my life again. I joined the challenge and dropped a total of 14 lbs and 6 inches!! The workouts were great, especially that she geared them to be “quarantine appropriate” workouts and there was no equipment needed! I also really liked that the meal plans were a little flexible as well so I wasn’t eating the same thing every single day. This has gotten me back on track and I have still kept myself disciplined as the challenge has ended and keep watching the scale go down!!
Layce Arvizu

I really enjoyed the process! This challenge helped me get back into a rhythm after having 3 babies back to back. The plans were easy to read and implement! Thanks Paige. I love my results!
Casi Herman

The Fit in 5 Challenge was easy to follow and gave me the best results I’ve had in all the problems I’ve been trying for the past year! Being a new mom with an 18 month old it’s hard to find time in your schedule to workout and extra hard to loose the baby weight. This program broke down the core components from nutrition, workouts and supplements! Now, I feel like I have enough knowledge to make a lifestyle change and continue my results on my own! Thank you so much Paige!! 
Ashley Ragan

This challenge was exactly the motivation I needed after having my son. He was 10 lbs so as you can imagine, there was a lot of weight to lose after he was born and this is exactly what I needed to kickstart that fitness journey for and I look forward to continuing it even now that it’s over/ The hardest part of the challenge for me at fist was eating 5 meals-a-day because as a new mom I was lucky to even eat one, but after I got into the rhythm of it all it actually became very easy and gave me the energy I needed for the day to keep up with a 2-month-old. I am so thankful for this challenge and the results I got from it and can’t wait to continue this healthy lifestyle. I am also finally feeling like myself again for the first time since having a baby, all thanks to Paige and FitIn5. <3
Elizabeth Crook

I really enjoyed training with you the past five weeks! Ever since I had my son I’ve had a hard time setting aside time to take care of myself. Your program helped me reprioritize and feel more comfortable  with getting back to doing something I love to do. I can also wear less baggy clothing again, which is a huge plus.

Megan Kleckner

Hey Paige I’m beyond excited about my results, I have way more energy than I have had in a long time, I still plan on workout out everyday and just keep going, my weight went down to 129.6. My muscle mass has gain and toned up so much nicer and I want to keep showing it more. Thanks so much for everything for helping me get bavk in track with eating better and working out and targeting the right places I needed.

Chelle L.

This challenge has been an amazing experience. I started it because I wanted to make a life style change. I had noticed my body being sluggish, not fitting into clothes and more importantly I was constantly tired and not able to do things with my boys. Since I started this challenge I have learned to be kind and love my body more. It is a strong body that went through a miscarriage and  carried two boys.  I was on medication for narcolepsy because I just couldn’t make it through the day without naps or rest and even on the medication I still felt overtired.

Two weeks into this program myself and my husband noticed a huge difference in my energy level. He even said I like this “new” you. I have noticed I hadn’t needed to take my medication to stay awake and don’t even feel tired. I noticed the amount of coffee intake was dropped down to one if any cups a day with no headaches. I was a 5 cup of coffee drinker!  This program has given me so much of my life with my family back. Thank you so much for this experience!

Elizabeth Ohman

I am so happy I took a leap of faith and did this challenge! I took your advice and pushed harder with my cardio and I feel amazing! I know I have a little extra skin and belly from my pregnancy but I feel way more confident than I have in a long time!! Thank you so much Paige! Definitely feel like the momma I should!

Charlotte Siniska

When I first started this challenge, I really had doubts about myself, I’ve done so many challenges in the past and never completed them or not seen the results that I wanted to see. I honestly didn’t think I would get through it or make any changes as I’ve struggled with dieting and my weight for so many years. When I got started, I started seeing results in the first week! This was a first and my mind frame just changed and I felt so committed. It was very tough but it was also life changing. It’s all a mind game! I now understand that my body doesn’t need the amount of food that I thought it did and this has kickstarted me in the right direction for making positive changes. I can’t wait to see my body after a year with all the new tools and knowledge that I’ve learnt throughout the last 5 weeks. Such an amazing experience! Thank you Paige 🙂
Victoria Perez

This challenge was a quick 5 weeks and during so, I re-ignited a spark in me that spread in other areas of my life like embers to a flame. My passion for health and wellness overall I knew was never over, I just had a rough season and needed some help getting back at it! Realizing it starts  with feeling good from the inside, work in  and out of the gym, knowing I’m eating right, hydrating! And staying dedicated even when I could skimp out on the last 10 mins. of cardio! Oh! And an awesome team of support in your corner I realized sometimes the smallest step you will take is towards a better YOU, is the stepping stone that step may just validate the self-belief you always felt you had into being the best version of yourself!

Kaitlyn Menci

I did this challenge because I was feeling super insecure about myself and lost my confidence I use to once have. I really wanted to tone up my body and needed help with my diet because I had been trying for about one year but, the scale would not budge. By doing this challenge I’ve started to gain my confidence back. It push started me to be able to get my goal body back. The challenge was difficult at times with my diet especially around the holidays but, I pushed myself. Paige was great, she helped with all my questions I had and was there along the way. I’m glad I did this challenge and look forward In challenging myself for a long time.
Jennifer Simon

I started this challenge because I wanted real results and quickly. I was depressed. I even cried in the car to my 11 year old daughter about how unhappy I was with myself. That was the moment I decided to go for it.  I’ve been following the fitin5 challenge for a while. So I finally decided to sign up. I wanted to do this even if it was over Christmas and NYE! I wanted get healthy and be a good example for my daughter. I’m 35 years old so if I can do this anyone can. The workouts are intense but definitely worth it. Diet is the main key in my opinion. Paige really makes it easy with the custom diet plans. I wasn’t hungry at all… I was honestly too full. Post challenge I’m paying more attention to what I’m eating. Smaller portions and eating more often. I’m very happy with my results. I’m going to keep following the diet but slightly modified. I’m consistently following the workout plans too.

Esther Nielsen

First of all I want to say how happy I am that I finally decided to do this challenge. I had been looking at all the different contestants who had previously done it and was SO impressed with the results. I lost about 14 lbs. my energy levels have been amazing! Doing this challenge was one of the best decisions of my life! I will definitely be doing another one!  Seeing my results and the confidence I’ve gained was prize enough for me! It’s been by far the best challenge/workout programs I’ve done. With the previous workout programs I’ve tried, I didn’t seem to have a lot of success. I’d been working out and eating healthy (what I thought was healthy) for about 3-4 years and I haven’t seen near the results as I have in 5 weeks from doing this challenge. It’s so simple and has been a lot of fun! Paige has been there every step of the way, answered all my questions and I couldn’t have had it better! I’m looking forward to doing another challenge! Thank you so much Paige, you’re such an inspiration to me!

Tatiana Rodriguez

The Fitin5 gave me the push I needed to feel myself again. Many people don’t understand how challenging it can be to have a baby and see your body transform completely. They expect your body to go back the way it was, but that’s not the case for many of them. This program is exactly what I needed to learn to appreciate my body and all its changes. I gave life to my precious daughter and if I have to go through the same thing, I wouldn’t think it twice. She gave me a new purpose and I can’t imagine my life without her. The best part of this program is having Paige as a coach. She is so inspiring and motivating. I can relate to everything she’s going through and that’s why I admire her so much. This is just the beginning of a new journey! Thank you Paige!

Thuy Burton

Fitin5 has been an amazing experience as not only getting a gym workout plan but a home one aswell. After having my second child i had no confidence in myself to go to gym as i gained 30kgs but in this challenge i could do it in the comfort of my own home while spending time with my girls. I’d like to thank paige for guiding me and pushing to help me overcome the challenges i faced in the challenge. It feels good to now step in the gym and not feel out of place! For anyone that feels like giving up or thinking its too hard or you cant do it, try this challenge! 5 weeks goes so fast & you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.
Kate Jordan

This challenge has been nothing short of amazing. It was October 23rd at 3:00am when I first decided to do the challenge. At the time, I had an 17 month old daughter and after my pregnancy, I had let myself mentally and physically get to a place that was really unhealthy. Before my pregnancy I was healthy, fit and was satisfied when looking in the mirror. After I had my daughter and going through a short period of post partum depression, I let myself get to a place that was out of my control. I was a whole new Kate. I didn’t know how I got to that place and struggled to get out of it. It was that morning of October 23rd when I was laying in bed, thinking about myself and how unhappy I was with my physical appearance that I decided to join Paige’s challenge, and THANK GOD I did. Through Paige’s phenomenal coaching and personalized meal and workout plans, in just 5 short weeks I was able to get back on the path to the old Kate, the one I loved and so very missed. The workouts were challenging, but the reward makes them so incredibly worth it.
Cristina Palomino

This challenge helped me retiran to my normal weight after pregnancy.
I learned better eating habits and to be more active.
Now I have more energy and feel pretty. And the best of all, I never delt hungry during the challenge!
Portugal Oliviera

I was looking for a change, and the Fitin5, was one of the best things that I ever found. During the program I decided not only to change my habits, but change the habits of my whole family. My oldest soon started to practice Jiu Jitsu with me, my youngest start to practice Judo, and my wife went to the gym as well. We removed junk foods from our diet and started to eat healthy. Everything changed in my home. Thank you Paige!!!

Crystal Patterson

I got an email from Paige saying only 3 spots left to join this swimsuit fit plan and the magic word competition came into play and I am thrilled to say that I have found a program that works for me and keeps me motivated to succeed. Unfortunately I have struggled to lose the 70+ pounds that I gained in my pregnancy.  I’ve sporadically tried one diet after another only to lose interest instead of losing the pounds. It was challenging for me to find balance in my life. My life revolves around work and my son. I ended up gaining so much weight I was uncomfortable. It was so discouraging that I just stop caring and became depressed with myself. So I did this challenge to give it one more shot. I knew I really needed to do this for myself. I just needed to go all in and dedicate to it. In the 5 weeks the rewards are beyond my expectations and has motivated me to sign up again!!! Not only did I lose weight, I just feel so much better in my body. I feel so good. I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. I was never starving if anything I wanted to miss a meal because I just wasn’t hungry. Paige makes your meal plan just for you and that to me is key. This whole experience lite a fire under me for that I am so extremely grateful that I found this opportunity and am more determined than ever to have that body I deserve!
Kaci Martin

This challenge was EXACTLY what I needed! I often hid under baggy clothes and hoodies. I couldn’t even bend over and paint my dang toes!  I would occasionally go to the gym and wander around hopping on a machine and pretend like I knew what I was doing. @paigehathaway and @fitin5challenge makes this sh*t happen!!! Clear instructions one on one coaching. What else could you ask for?! You don’t need the latest new supplement either! I can tell you that you can get there with this program! Want results? Sign up! RIGHT NOW! Quit procrastinating. Because I will tell you first hand, you put it off once you will keep putting it off. For years and years you’ll keep saying, “I’ll start Monday”. This wasn’t a, “NEW YEAR NEW ME” bs thing. This was a, I have right NOW to make a change or lose it all. Was I expecting the results I got? Absolutely freaking not! But I did it. I started! I made the change! No more hiding behind my excuses. After 5 years of blaming my kids for the weight I gained and never making the change I decided I just HAD to do it. I had to make the change. It wasn’t my kids. It was me. This challenge is life changing! And I am finally starting to love my skin again! Thank you Paige!


My experience with Paige has been amazing. This has flipped my world over in so many goods ways. Paige made sure I accomplished all my original goals in just a short time (9 months). I am healthier, physically and mentally more then I have ever been in my life. From the different types of work outs to help grow muscles throughout my body, to a special diet plan that helped fight and burn fat and keep healthy at the same time has been on point. Any random questions or concerns were easily answered through email throughout the weeks. It has been a challenge every step of the way but was 100% worth it. I would recommend Paige Hathaway to anyone.

Emilee Fischer

As a recent college transfer student, I knew it was gonna be hard to stay in shape and eat healthy while away from home, so I signed up for the Fit in 5 challenge and got more than I ever imagined. This challenge changed my whole lifestyle and I could never go back, only continuing on forward from here! This proved that I have the motivation and determination to achieve anything I put my mind to. I’m happier and healthier than ever can be. THANKS PAIGE

Mataya Yager

In those short 5 weeks I lost a total of 15 pounds and many inches around my body. I’ve lost an additional 8 pounds since the end of the challenge and couldn’t be happier with the results. Unlike every other plan I’ve tried in the past this is one that I can happily say is sticking and I’m happy to make this my new lifestyle! The weight loss is amazing, but being able to have my willpower and motivation back is priceless. I can’t thank Paige enough for all of her help in my weight loss journey and I will forever be one of her biggest fans!!!


I have to say this challenge has changed me in so many ways. First off my confidence has been boosted on so many levels. Physically how I have changed and second mentally that I got threw one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences. The amount of information that Paige gives you threw out the challenge and how she is actually there training you threw it is just amazing. Also I have truly learned what my body likes and doesn’t like. Learning to weigh out my food  has become a healthy habit of mine all because of this challenge! Thank you Paige!!!


First off I just wanted to say thank you for putting this challenge. I can only imagine how much time and effort it took to put all this together! That first week was truly a test because, I had never followed a strict diet like that before. After that first day it was a grind each and every day but it was a grind I enjoyed because I knew there was others out there working just as hard. I hate to lose and be out worked. That’s the type of person I’ve been all my life. Especially when I was involved with my college sports. This challenge has helped in a way that now I know what it takes to reach a fitness goal. For so long I thought I knew, but it wasn’t until i followed this plan and started to see results where I really found out. I will 100% take this knowledge you have given me and use it every day! I never want to go back how I was. I want to get better & better every day and who knows, maybe strive go be a part of a fitness team! After this challenge I can really see myself pursuing that! Thank you once again, Paige you truly are the best!


I was looking for a way to jump start losing weight. I gained 35 lbs over 2 years due to some unfortunate and super stressful circumstances including several professional exams, a bad working environment, and putting my dog down.  So I decided, what the hell, I follow Paige on instagram, let’s give this challenge a go. And I’m so happy I did!! This challenge has gotten me back on track to be me again and I can’t thank you enough. I feel confident, my pants are buttoning again, I started dating again. Everyone tells me they can see such a difference not only in my body but also my attitude.   I’m turning 30 on Thursday and I’m ready – bring it on!!


I’d like to start by saying what a life changing experience this challenge has been for me. Prior to this challenge I had very little energy, I was always feeling fatigued throughout the day. By week two of the challenge I had more energy than ever before! This allowed me to be more productive and efficient in all aspects of my life. The challenge was extremely rewarding and helped me recognize my full potential. What I’ve gained from this challenge is more than just what you see. I’ve gained knowledge, confidence, motivation and a platform for a new way of life. I had no idea that this could all be possible in five weeks. What an amazing program! Thank you Paige for putting this all together and providing the opportunity and knowledge to live a healthier and fit lifestyle!

Kate Kidulas

I started the challenge at 161 lbs and ended at 144 lbs. Seventeen pounds down and I feel fantastic! I can ALMOST see my abs. Getting there. I’ve also always been self-conscious about my arms which are the most stubborn part of my body and I can finally see them slimming down. This #Fitin5 Challenge has helped jump start my personal challenge of losing the pregnancy weight. I wanted to quit so many times in the last 5 weeks because I was so exhausted from my “mom duties” plus having a full time 9-5 kind of job. But what people don’t see from these pictures is the mental resilience and newfound discipline I gained while participating in this challenge. I’m determined more than ever to continue on with this fitness journey and #Fitin5 provided me with some of the basic tools I’ll need for success. This is only the beginning for me and there’s only one option for me and that is to keep moving forward. Thank you Paige Hathaway for the opportunity to do the #Fitin5 Challenge! It meant a lot to me that I got through all 5 weeks!

Gladus Alonzo

Weight has been the biggest battle for me my entire life. Going up and down on the scale has been such a roller coaster. In August reality hit me again and I became so unhappy with how I looked and felt about myself. I woke up and decided to make a change….. once again. People who know me know that the a “P” word (promise) means the world to me and it’s something I would never break. I finally made a PROMISE to myself that I won’t allow myself to go off the deep end again. Life throws so many things your way, but it’s your choice on how you handle them. Life has been pretty crazy for me lately, but I’m choosing self-happiness. I’m choosing change that makes me happy. I’ve lost 56 pounds and I’m not giving up. I’ve got a long way to go, but a beautiful journey ahead. #LoveLife #SelfHappiness #motivation

Taya Yager

I wanted to let you how grateful I am for all of your help! Honestly I’ve been struggling with my weight the past couple of years and it felt like nothing I tried would work. I actually started to feel like my body was incapable of losing weight and I would be uncomfortable in my own skin forever. You seriously are such a blessing and I can’t express how thankful I am for you!! I’ve lost a total of 15 pounds on your program and couldn’t be happier ? I’ve also gained back my confidence which is even better! You helped me re discover the willpower I once had and you are a constant motivator for me. Thanks to you I now have the tools moving forward to continue this healthy lifestyle and keep bettering myself day by day. You’ve helped me get my life back so from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!

Amanda Casscaydan

This challenge has taught me SO much about living healthy, eating healthy, and taking care of my body. I have learned so much about muscles, nutrition, workouts, and more! I started very tired and annoyed at anything, the workouts, the diet, and events. I hated going out and not being able to eat everything and drink. Now, after 5 weeks, I can’t wait to go out and enjoy life, while still taking good care of my body. I understand more what my body actually needs, and what it WANTS. And, I am a LOT better at not giving into my body’s wants. During this challenge, I pushed myself to do the workouts when my body (and mind) really did NOT want to. Now that it is complete, I realize that not giving up when things get tough is a valuable lesson that I’ve learned. Life is not easy, and if you want something bad enough, you simply have to put in the work. Thank you Paige for helping me revolutionize my life!

Amy Paruse

Thank you so much for this challenge! It has been awesome and really opened my eyes to a whole new world! I’m excited to continue my fitness journey even after the challenge. I’ve seen such great results and can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish with all the goals I’m going to set!
More about me.. I’m a restaurant manager and currently am working ALOT, so sometimes it’s hard to get in the gym, but I’m making it work. When there’s a will, there’s a way. I used to model when I was younger but since I’ve put on weight I stopped. My goal was to get that body back with this challenge. I know I’ll never have the same body I had as a teenager but I’m pretty close now and that’s all thanks to the challenge! I have a twin sister I don’t get to see as much as I’d like and one thing we both look forward to doing now is working out together when we can! She has been the one to push me when I wanted to give up. Shout out to Emily!! Love you! ?I’ve lost 14 pounds if fat, now I want to gain a some muscle! Can’t wait to see myself in a year!
Thanks for everything Paige!

Drew Fox

I wanted to say thank you for this opportunity and for helping me. When the cancer hit back in February…. When I had two surgeries back to back… When my body couldn’t catch up and fight off what I needed to…. When I had hit a wall of frustration and a point in which I wanted to give up… Your challenge helped save me and get me back to a good mental state and physical well being. I started this at 197 lbs and have got down to 180 lbs. I’m not sure where I started with body fat but I’m assuming about 20%. Today I checked and it’s below 13%. Doctors told me it would be extremely difficult to get back to where I was and I thought it would be impossible but you helped me do it! I’ve learned a ton about new ways of lifting and different ideas and ways for dieting plans/eating healthy. All of this happened because of you and I greatly appreciate it. Only 5 lbs more and getting back to below 10% body fat and I’m back to where I belong and started. I now know cancer ain’t got nothin on me! ?thanks again!

Danielle DeLong

I have to say this challenge has changed me in so many ways. First off my confidence has been boosted on so many levels. Physically how I have changed and second mentally that I got threw one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences. The amount of information that Paige gives you threw out the challenge and how she is actually there training you threw it is just amazing. Also I have truly learned what my body likes and doesn’t like. Learning to weigh out my food has become a healthy habit of mine all because of this challenge! Thank you Paige!!!


I’ve never been a skinny girl. I’ve always had a belly, that I’ve gotten tire me of sucking in, and a bootaay that I never want to get rid of! I’ve always played sports when I was younger (field hockey, softball) and since college I’ve tried to make gym a regular routine but it just wasn’t working on my own. I could maintain my weight but nothing drastic. I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter, trying no carbs or low carbs or the south beach, or keto, anything there is I’ve probably tried it. I get vey bored with diets bc it ends up being the same thing over and over. I need variety and I looooove food. My husband and I love to cook, try new things and new foods. When I saw this program I was a little skeptical bc there were some great transformations but as you look into the people they were previously a fitness model or model in general, or already in shape and needed to lean out, or guys who were already cut. I don’t consider my self out of shape but Like I said. I’ve never been “skinny” or “fat skinny” I just want to feel comfortable! I was very happy with this program. I looked at it as “I could do anything for a week”. The hardest meal plan was only 1 week. After that I tried to get creative without overdoing it. Could I have been a lot more strict? Yes! But I know myself and I would have probably quit it before it was over. I am happy with what I achieved.

Emily Rauth

I gained weight while living in Italy, and then working at a brewery in Colorado so I had ten pounds I just could not seem to get off, even though I was working out.  Your challenge helped me realize what and how much food my body actually needs, and I had incredible sustained energy the whole time.  My sugar cravings disappeared and I always felt incredibly satisfied.  The workouts were challenging but fun because I was progressing quickly so  it really changed my life.  I’m running again, doing yoga again, and eating in a way that makes me feel and look amazing. Thank you so so much for having this challenge and I look forward to doing more!

Jessee Cooney

Omg Paige! I just want to thank you for such an incredible experience! This challenge has blown my expectations and has given me the belief and confidence knowing that anything is possible! i have trained weights at the gym for years now but my eating has always let me down and cardio was non existent! But once you combine all three and change your mindset…. Wow!!

I have officially lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks going from 215.6lbs to 193.5lbs and after a body scan I found out that 24 pounds of fat was shredded off me as I went from 28.6% body fat to 19.8%! And I actually managed to gain around 2 pounds of muscle too ?
the training was tough but with new abundance of energy it was great and the food variety was huge and well Lets just say I was never hungry that’s for sure!!

To say I highly recommend this challenge would be an understatement and if anyone is looking to  not only change their physique but also their way of thinking then Paige Hathaway is your girl!!

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