First off I just wanted to say thank you for putting this challenge. I can only imagine how much time and effort it took to put all this together! Starting this challenge I didn’t know how it would go. The hardest part for me in all this along with the food, was the fact that I work 12am-9am tues-sat. So every day i would come home and head straight to the gym. Sometimes I would sleep wake up eat then go.   That first week was truly a test because, I had never followed a strict diet like that before.  I know one of the first things I did was get my question ready for you on Tuesday. When you responded with zero snacking I was like noooooo. I was seriously thinking about abandoning the meal plan. However I knew what was at stake and I told myself “if I’m in this I’m doing everything Paige tells me to do.” After that first day it was a grind each and every day but it was a grind I enjoyed because I knew there was others out there working just as hard. I hate to lose and be out worked. That’s the type of person I’ve been all my life. Especially when I was involved with my college sports. I played basketball and soccer for RIT in upstate New York. I’m from San Diego but went to school out there for sports! I got my degree in criminal justice. I would love to keep giving you more insight of who I am but I know you told me a short paragraph. This challenge has helped in a way that now I know what it takes to reach a fitness goal. For so long I thought I knew, but it wasn’t until i followed this plan and started to see results where I really found out. I will 100% take this knowledge you have given me and use it every day! I never want to go back how I was. I want to get better & better every day and who knows, maybe strive go be a part of a fitness team! After this challenge I can really see myself pursuing that! Thank you once again, Paige you truly are the best!

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