Hi  !  My name is Hinanui, I’m a 20 years old student from French Polynesia and this is my story. Since my childhood my family used to tell me “when will you loose weight ? ” or “stop eating you’re fat enough”…This made the situation worse so I just kept eating again and again until it became a vicious cercle. I’ve never been at the gym until I met my boyfriend who love to sport.This helped me to be skinny because I wanted to please him, to look “beautiful”…but it lasted only a few time.. I get more AND MORE fat and could not control it. I felt uncomfortable in my skin, I hated myself and my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t stop to sport but didn’t eat clean…I came to the point where I didn’t accept my boyfriend to look at me, look at my curves or even touch me. I used to cry in front of a mirror MANY TIMES. My main problem was that I found myself escaping to food and other type of gluttony. So I decided to take the matter into my own hands and this is how it began. I knew Paige since 2 years now, I’m HER TAHITIAN FAN and I decided to email her but did not hear about the fit in 5 challenge. She answered me by telling me that it exists and this is how I realized “THIS IS THE CHANCE TO CHANGE MY LIFE”. The first week was HARD because of my love for food… but it didn’t matter since Paige did not stop to motivate me EVERY WEEKS. I could not let it go for her, my boyfriend, my family and for ME  ! The challenge helped me to NEVER GIVE UP, to CONTROL MY HUNGER, to FEEL MORE CONFIDENT and mostly to LOVE MY BODY. It gave me so much more than just make me loose weight  !  This makes me want to continue till MY dream body and in addition I am happy because I am already a source of motivation for people in my country ! ! To conclude I would recommend you to DO THE CHALLENGE and stop hating yourself !  You can do it, if I did it I am SURE that EVERY BODY CAN (trust me lol ) ! I will never forget what you did for me Paige…NEVER  !  THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE Xoxo  !

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