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"This challenge was one of the best decisions I have ever made.. I loved how the workouts were designed. It was like a burnout for that muscle group each day.. You were right there if I had any questions or concerns. I am planning on doing it again for round two!! Thank you so much Paige for this awesome opportunity!!!!!"

Shelby Kumm

"Paige Hathaway’s plan is customized to you directly from the meal plans to workouts and so easy to follow. I was still pumping for my daughter and she still make it work. I never felt like I didn’t know what to make for a meal and the workout plans were made so easy to follow. It wasn’t long until I started to feel so energized and when I started seeing the numbers on my scale finally going down I was so happy! Finally.

Gloria Stephens

"The FITIN5 challenge changed my life. The FITIN5 challenge gave me that momentum to wake up every morning and put in work. The workouts were not easy but I knew my body would change in time. Day by day I started seeing change physically and mentally and I was hooked. Paige’s workouts and meal preps plans were specifically made for me to reach my goals, and beyond. FITIN5 fitness routine, jump-started my healthy eating habits, and reshaped the way I thought about health. Thank you so much Paige for pushing me and encouraging me not to quit.

Irene Gonzales

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“This challenge changed my life not only one time now, but TWICE! I was in the best shape of my life 1 year ago. Having a surgery and beginning nursing school left me larger than I had ever been, I was lost. 😣 My mental health was suffering and my relationships with my kids and husband was suffering. I knew this program was exactly what I needed to get my ass in gear again. I am so grateful for The Fitin5 and Paige Hathaway! I am finally back on track and re-establishing healthy eating into my every day life.”

Rachel Hendrickson -1st place $2,500 Winner 

“This challenge was just that.. challenging. I didn’t know what my wife Rachel was getting me into after I was von-told 😝 I was doing this with her. I can say that I am very impressed! I was able to drop 24 pounds during these 5 weeks and be just about the leanest I have ever been. And I was eating more than I normally did! Thank you Paige, for creating the program, you really are changing lives.”

Eric Hendrickson -2nd place $1,500 Winner 

“First and foremost this challenge has helped me achieve a lifestyle change that I desperately needed! Doing this challenge forced me to stay on track and complete it for my girls to show them what I could be for them. A mom with more energy and show myself I could get back to the old me. If you told me five weeks ago I would lose over 15 pounds I wouldn’t have believed it… But here I am down the weight with the muscle gain and I’m happy, and healthy FOR MYSELF AND MY FAMILY! This challenge reminded me that what I put into my body does make a huge difference and for that I know what I need to continue for future success the challenge was mentally challenging especially during COVID-19 where I am an essential worker working upwards of 60 hours having a toddler and a baby and a home to care for I sometimes found myself still up at 2 AM just to make sure I got my workout in and then back up at 5 AM for cardio before my day started but I have to say the journey was beyond worth it for the changes I made in my life. The rapid results helped motivate me to continue this journey I set for myself. What I saw happen to myself in five weeks was beyond my expectations, along with the amazing support from my husband; Paige and her team really are there the entire way encouraging you and I have to say it was a big help! I highly recommend the Fitin5! This challenge is doable the results are very real and obtainable — I’M LIVING PROOF! Trust the process. This challenge helped me gain my confidence back, and to love myself, which is what I needed not only for myself but I needed it for my girls. I want them to grow up seeing me confident so they learn and know it for themselves as well. Thank you again Paige and team for all your help! XOX 😘

Michelle Santos -$2,500 winner 

The Fitin5 was a game changer for me. I had a good start last year but I got lazy and fat again when all the gyms closed. I was lost and I hated working out at home. The Fitin5 Home Edition literally saved me. It got me back on track. It challenged me in so many ways. I was not new to working out and dieting but this challenge got me to my limits in a good way! I am so grateful for this experience and there is nothing that I would do differently. I had so many goals for this year and this challenge got me more than one step closer to them. I also encouraged other people to do the same and that makes me even happier. Thanks Paige for saving me and keep me from becoming a depressed woman that almost forgot what she worked for and where she came from! I recommend this awesome experience!!! Never thought I could accomplish what I did in 5 weeks!” 

– Dezire Diop -3rd Place $1,000 Winner