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“I feel so much stronger and comfortable with myself. I needed that extra push.”

Katelyn Davies

“This challenge is doable the results are very real and obtainable- I’M LIVING PROOF!”

Michelle Santos

1st Place $2,500 Winner of FitIn5 Home Edition Challenge- June 2020

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“The Fitin5 Challenge was awesome! I need a push and some guidance to get back on track after being quarantined and this did it for me! Its tough being a mom of three and staying on track with eating healthy also making time for myself to workout but I was so motivated during the challenge and it has made me better! I am so happy I took a chance on myself and joined this challenge!

Jade Rodgers -2nd place $1,500 Winner June 2020

“This was by far the best program I have come across, especially with the focus being in the comfort of my own home. I truly felt as though I had lost myself with the gym closing and feeling stuck with what to do. Thanks to your program, I decided not to sit around on the couch during this pandemic and do something incredible. I’ve regained my confidence, my overall health has improved and I have so much more energy. I cannot express enough how incredible this program is.

Samantha Fletcher -2nd place $1,500 Winner August 2020

“I am thrilled to say that I have found a program that works for me and keeps me motivated to succeed. It was challenging for me to find balance in my life. My life revolves around work and my son. I ended up gaining so much weight I was uncomfortable. It was so discouraging that I just stop caring and became depressed with myself. I did this Fitin5 Challenge to give it one more shot. I knew I really needed to do this for myself. I just needed to go all in and dedicate to it. In the 5 weeks the rewards are beyond my expectations and has motivated me to sign up again!!! Not only did I lose weight, I just feel so much better in my body. I feel so good. I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. I was never starving if anything I wanted to miss a meal because I just wasn’t hungry. Paige makes your meal plan just for you and that to me is key.. and am more determined than ever to have that body I deserve”

Crystal Patterson -3rd Place $1,000 Winner June 2020

The Fitin5 was a game changer for me. I had a good start last year but I got lazy and fat again when all the gyms closed. I was lost and I hated working out at home. The Fitin5 Home Edition literally saved me. It got me back on track. It challenged me in so many ways. I was not new to working out and dieting but this challenge got me to my limits in a good way! I am so grateful for this experience and there is nothing that I would do differently. I had so many goals for this year and this challenge got me more than one step closer to them. I also encouraged other people to do the same and that makes me even happier. Thanks Paige for saving me and keep me from becoming a depressed woman that almost forgot what she worked for and where she came from! I recommend this awesome experience!!! Never thought I could accomplish what I did in 5 weeks!” 

– Dezire Diop -3rd Place $1,000 Winner August 2020