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“I wanted to do this to be healthy and have more energy for my 6 month old son.”

Mark LaBarba

1st Place Winner of FitIn5 Challenge

I wanted to do this to be healthy and have more energy for my 6 month old son. I really enjoyed the program and couldn’t be happier with my results. Having a plan really kept me on track. After seeing that I lost 10 pounds in week one it motivated me to keep going. At the end of weeks 2 and 4 I hit about 3 or 4 days where I stopped losing weight. I kept working harder until I started seeing more results. Weeks 1 , 3 and 5 are the weeks I really dropped a lot of fat. I went from 213 pounds to 175, feel stronger than ever, fit in my old clothes, have way more energy and have cut back to half my dose on blood pressure medicine. A lot of my friends and family are impressed by my results and are going to try the next challenge. Thanks for everything!!

“I saw numerous comments about [my picture] is not real or that can’t happen in 5 weeks. Well I’m here to tell you IT CAN!”

Zoe Griffith

1st Place Winner of FitIn5 Challenge

I’ve followed Paige on Instagram & seen the amazing transformations from her #Fitin5. I thought about signing up many times but it wasn’t until November that I finally took the step! When signing up, I never expected to make the top10. I thought to myself there are so many people that get abs & have amazing bodies there’s no way it will be me! I was ECSTATIC to find out I made the top 5!! But then came the criticism for putting my body out there. I saw numerous comments about “#10” got a tummy tuck & “#10” is not real or that can’t happen in 5weeks. Well I’m here to tell you IT CAN!

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“I joined the challenge because I am someone who has zero willpower or motivation, and needed something to keep me accountable. I used to be a competitive dancer, so was in great shape, but When I quit dancing, I gained a ton of weight.  I was tired of always feeling awful, lethargic, and being overweight and I knew it was time to make a change but needed the push to do so!  This challenge has helped me so much!! I actually love working out, and crave going to the gym. Before the challenge I woke up at least 5-6 times a night, but I am now sleeping like a baby! And all my clothes are loose!! There are too many benefits to list, but I am so grateful for everything I have learned over the last 5 weeks!! Thank you!!”
– Paige Apperloo

 “I was very hesitate about doing an online challenge and possibly exposing myself to the world. I appeared skinny and went to the gym on occasion when it was convenient for me. That may have been once a week or so. I married in August of 2015 and got in decent shape just for that day. Since that moment fast food, candy and especially beer were routine for me. I inquired about the challenge in April and put it off until I finally grew the nerve in November 2016 to put health first. I wanted to show my oldest son (9) that if you give everything you have to something anything can be achieved. This challenge and you have helped me see what a healthy lifestyle and some accountability can do for an average guy. I am the celebrity to my kids and my wife believed I would make the top 10 and possibly win the moment she took my final pictures and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you Paige for bringing a healthy living back into our lives!!
– Jonathan Buster

“Being a hairdresser and having to be on your feet all day (most days without a break), it’s hard to find that motivation to come home and train. Paige’s fit in 5 weeks challenge not only shed kilos/pounds off me, it EDUCATED me! I have never felt better physically and most of all mentally:) Thanks Paige!.”
– Ashley Gale

“I work 65-70 hours a week, every week. I knew that signing up for the “Fit in 5 Week” challenge would be difficult to take on, but I needed something to really get me in shape! Not only did I start to live a newer, healthier lifestyle, I was also saving money and thinking more positively.  I was amazed to see my entire outlook change.”
– Christos Kantzavelos

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